Kyeema visit to Vanapa

Was a flying visit from officials of Kyeema Foundation, sponsors of Vanapa Village Chicken project. Engaging with local people of Vanapa, experiencing the local village hospitality. A huge thank you also to officers from Central Province Administration for hosting Celia and Robyn and my family and friends for the hospitality

Kokoda Track Foundation dinner

The day was capped with a dinner, with Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF) personnel at Element in POM. Thanks Mike and Martha for a great evening.

The beginning of a journey

I have been involved with my good friend, Ali Ume, on a number of development projects in PNG over the last few years. These have included specialist accredited training, people development and research and development. This new direction into food security and sustainable farming is a very interesting extension of previous project work. This website is hopefully a useful tool to promote and extend the great work being done by Kyeema Foundation.