The first of Vanapa Village Chicken project participant

Following up of an interest from a local Farmer in Vanapa, he was advised to build a chicken house in preparation to receive stock. In February 2020 he  was given two (2) hens and a rooster. The hens laid 10 eggs within a short time,  he now has 5 chicks and waiting for rest toContinue reading “The first of Vanapa Village Chicken project participant”

Kyeema visit to Vanapa

Was a flying visit from officials of Kyeema Foundation, sponsors of Vanapa Village Chicken project. Engaging with local people of Vanapa, experiencing the local village hospitality. A huge thank you also to officers from Central Province Administration for hosting Celia and Robyn and my family and friends for the hospitality Kokoda Track Foundation dinner TheContinue reading “Kyeema visit to Vanapa”