Sustainable food security projects

Implementing food security and income generating programs for rural villages in Papua New Guinea.

A breeding and rearing project to engage locals to develop backyard village chicken farms, promoting food security and sustainable income generation for families.

Feeding time.

Vanapa Village chicken farm, promoting backyard village chicken farming in rural areas for food security and income generation.

Images around the farm

Families are encouraged to include eggs in their diet to maintain a consistent protein intake for children.

We train and mentor locals in up to date village chicken farming practices in rural areas.

Latest news

Vanapa Village Chicken Farming

The local villagers in Vanapa, Central Province are trialling village chicken (VC) farming. The structured management practices of VC chicken farming is new to them, as prior to this new venture the VC were kept as pets which roamed freely. The owners of VC sold them when an opportunity arose, they rarely consumed eggs orContinue reading “Vanapa Village Chicken Farming”

Vanapa pics

Vanapa Farm moving forward, the land has been prepared in preparation to plant crops. (Thank you Solange Oa for the images)

Land preparation

Grateful to have friends with machinery, Mr Oa Kaisa offered his New Holland TD5, 75 HP Tractor on mates rates to prepare the farm land. The land is prepared for planting corn to feed livestock as well as sell to Dairy farm and at general local markets in Port Moresby. A variety of crops willContinue reading “Land preparation”

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